Installing a New Garage Door in Fort Worth

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    One project of improvement is installing a new garage door in your garage.

    It may sound expensive and daunting but it is actually an investment to make your home a functional living space.

    Especially when your current garage door is not functioning properly due to being outdated and damages on the parts.

    Panther Garage Pros is known to perform an excellent garage door installation in Fort Worth, Texas.

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    For now, continue reading this article to enlighten you about installing a new garage door in Fort Worth.

    Reasons for Installing a New Garage Door

    As said before, installing a new garage door is an investment mainly because it increases your property’s value.

    If ever you are thinking about selling your current place in the future, a brand new garage door will attract potential buyers due to the added curb appeal and modification of the system.

    Moreover, replacing your old garage door will prevent you from experiencing any unpleasant disturbances or malfunctioning of the door.

    Since the previous garage doors tend to sag, many companies offer various kinds of designs and materials nowadays that are more sturdy and stylish at the same time.

    Another reason for buying a new garage door is to upgrade the security system at your house.

    Even though you do not keep your valuables inside your garage, an easy access to it can still put your safety at risk.

    So if your garage door gives you poor security, it’s time to replace the old one with the latest newly improved garage door protection system.

    Lastly, when your garage door has gone through a lot of damage (internally or externally) resulting in dents and broken springs; it is best to purchase a new one.

    Choosing the Right Garage Door Style

    Replacing your old garage door is an opportunity to change your garage door style as well.

    There are three different kinds of garage door styles but you can adjust it if you have a specific idea or taste that will complement the structural design of your house.

    The first and most common style is the Traditional Garage Doors.

    These garage doors are known for its raised and recessed panel model.

    The great thing about Traditional doors is you can pick the material and color of it.

    You may also add windows on it to achieve the natural light you wanted in your garage.

    Next is the Contemporary Garage Doors. 

    Based on its name, contemporary or modern, gives the living-in-the-present-time vibe.

    These garage doors are usually made of aluminum, fiberglass, and/or flushed panels.

    What make it modern are the color finish and its window types are in various options.

    You can adjust the natural light and degree of privacy as well.

    Last is the Carriage House Garage Doors.

    Now, this type of garage door is perfect for the old souls client.

    They give a colonial/historical finish yet have the same smooth function as the contemporary garage doors.

    The only catch in Carriage House type is the maintenance of it.

    Since the material that is used is commonly wood.

    How does Garage Door Installation work?

    Deciding to get a new garage door may worry you because you don’t know how the technicians/installers will operate in your home.

    To be informed and prepared when the installation comes, here are the step-by-step process of how the installer will set up your new garage door:

    1. Position the drive unit and connect it to the track.
    2. Attach all the sections of the tracks into their corresponding track type using the standard measurement instructed on the manual.
    3. Then fasten the mounting bracket to the track’s end in order to distribute the pressure of pulling the door.
    4. Align yourself at the center of the garage and on the top beam ceiling, attach the motor to give precise lifting and lowering of the door.
    5. Connect the wires into the power switch (or wall switch)
    6. Set up the infrared sensors which detects and sends signals when an object or person is stuck under the door.
    7. Last step is installing the door opener system and it’s done!

    Note: As a garage door owner, you should also be prepared when the day of installation comes.

    Make sure to clean your garage and remove the vehicles, bikes, and appliances that can disturb the installation.

    Don’t forget to warn your family members as well, especially the children, to steer clear around/near the garage door to avoid unwanted accidents.

    Call Panther Garage Pros to Install your New Garage Door!

    Panther Garage Pros is well-known in Fort Worth for producing high-quality premium garage doors.

    We have many options of styles, materials, and garage door parts depending on what kind of service you need.

    We also offer several garage door services performed by our licensed and well-trained technicians.

    We are 24/7 available in Fort Worth so you can contact us at your convenience!

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