How to adjust garage door springs? DIY Guide

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    how to adjust garage door springs

    The process of adjusting garage door springs is one that many homeowners have to deal with. It can be challenging if you don’t approach it with a basic understanding of how to adjust them or with a step-by-step tutorial on adjusting garage door springs, as Calgary Garage Door Fix, which performs garage door spring repair, points out. So How to adjust garage door springs? You may need to tighten or loosen the garage door, depending on the problem you are experiencing. In this essay, I’ll explain how to accomplish both.

    Common Indications

    There are a few warning signs that suggest you might need to change the spring tension. Typical problems include:


    • It’s difficult to open or close the door.
    • Too soon, the door opens or closes.
    • The door doesn’t open or close completely.
    • Unevenly, the door opens and/or closes.

    Step 1-Adjust side-mounted springs

    You’ll need some basic tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) to complete this task. A hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves are among the safety accessories you’ll require. Regarding the additional tools, they comprise:

    • dependable ladder C-clamp
    • a flexible wrench
    • Marker or masking tape

    Safety cables are included with extension springs. To fix the issue, you might need to alter the tension of the cable and spring simultaneously. If the cable’s tension has to be raised, you can shorten it by tightening the knot and holding it to the spring. Lengthen it by loosening the knot if you need to reduce the stress.

    Step 2-Adjust torsion springs

    Find the precise location where the spring ends by placing one eye over the stationary middle plate. The winding cone, which holds the spring in place, will be in that location. The cone will also have four holes around it that are evenly spaced apart. To secure the spring in place, the cone will have two set screws on the middle shaft. By inserting the steel rod or winding cone into the cone’s bottom hole, you can loosen them. With an adjustable wrench, unfasten the screws after inserting the rod and stabilizing the cone. Insert the bars into the cone in two consecutive rows after that.

    Keep the bar in the bottom hole in place while stretching the spring, and take out the other one. Make a mark with a marker 14 inches away from the winding cone’s end (away from the center). Next, exert an upward push on the bar from the bottom up. Continue doing this while tapping the second bar on the first bar until the spring has been stretched to reach the mark you made at the end of the winding cone, which should be 14″ away.

    Final Thoughts

    By now, you may have understood that having extension springs makes changing garage door springs simpler. Torsion springs demand more sensitive handling and might be dangerous, especially after the opener has been unplugged. To be on the safe side, make sure you’re wearing all the personal protection equipment we advised.


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