How To Replace Garage Door Rollers

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    Garage door rollers provide the smooth rolling motion of your garage door along the tracks.

    As your garage door moves up or down, the rollers revolve to ensure the smooth and swift movement of your door.

    Thus, garage door rollers play a critical role in the optimum performance of your door.

    If it becomes worn-out and rusty, your garage door will become shaky, squeaky, and erratic.

    Your door may even stop moving as a result of this defective garage door component.

    To prevent this from happening, you should always keep your garage door wheels in excellent condition.

    If you haven’t replaced them in years, you should call Panther Garage Pros today for garage door rollers replacement.

    Our expert technicians possess the know-how to replace garage door rollers safely and efficiently.

    We also offer professional garage door repair in Fort Worth.

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    Professional vs DIY Garage Door Roller Replacement

    Replacing garage door rollers is a manageable project for the inexperienced.

    However, the task involves safety risks and disasters when not performed properly.

    That’s why if you doubt your capabilities, you should just leave the job to the professionals.

    Since garage door specialists are made exactly for garage door repair services, you can trust them.

    They have years of training and experience to conduct garage door repairs safely and efficiently.

    If you let them handle your roller replacement, you can enjoy peace of mind that your garage door is in good hands.

    You can also just sit down and relax as professional technicians fulfill every step in changing your worn-out rollers.

    How to Replace Garage Door Rollers

    The top and middle rollers are the easiest ones to replace.

    To do this, follow the procedure below.

    1. Using a socket wrench, loosen the retaining bolts to the hinges securing the topmost garage door roller.
    2. Once the bracket is unfastened, you should be able to slide the dilapidated roller out of the track.
    3. Check if the brackets are still in good condition. If not, you will need to replace it as well.
    4. Slide the new roller in.
    5. Apply a garage door-safe lubricant such as WD-40. This will ensure the smooth operation of your new garage door rollers.
    6. Screw the bolts of the roller hinges.
    7. Do the same thing to the old rollers on the other side of your garage door.

    When it comes to replacing the bottom rollers, you have to take safety precautions.

    That’s because you could become injured if you aren’t careful when doing bottom roller replacement.

    To safely change your garage door bottom rollers, do the following.

    1. First, put the door in a completely open position. This will prevent your garage door from unobstructing your access to the roller tracks.
    2. Mark the part of the tracks that is of the same level as your elbow. You will need to bend this area to get the bottom rollers out.
    3. With a pair of pliers, gently distort the tracks so that the rollers will easily slide. Make sure to bend the tracks enough to free the rollers without damaging the tracks.
    4. Pull the garage door down manually until the bottom rollers are on the part of the bent tracks. Using a long tool, force the bottom rollers to go off track.
    5. After the roller is off of the garage door tracks, release the old roller from the bracket.
    6. Next, put the new roller in place of the old one.
    7. Push the new roller back into the track. You may need to use a screwdriver or a hard tool to accomplish this.
    8. Add a lubricant for smooth-functioning roller wheels.
    9. Finally, put the bent portion of the tracks to its original shape.

    Reliable Garage Door Roller Replacement

    Whether you need plastic, nylon, or steel rollers, we got you covered.

    Panther Garage Pros only provide durable and premium-quality garage door rollers.

    So, you can trust that your new rollers will last for many years, and you won’t experience any problems with it.

    Besides roller replacement, we offer a variety of garage door repairs in Fort Worth.

    This includes garage door opener repair, off-track garage door repair, broken spring repair, and cable replacement.

    Call us anytime from Monday to Sunday for a prompt and efficient garage door repair.

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