How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Manually opening a garage door is a fundamental skill and knowledge every garage owner should possess.

    Unless you have a backup power source during a blackout, you won’t be able to use your automatic garage door opener.

    What you have to do then is to open your garage door using your hands.

    Another scenario wherein operating your garage door manually is necessary is when you have a broken door opener or remote.

    Likewise, your garage door won’t operate using the automatic opener.

    So, you’re left with no other choice but to manually open your garage door in the meantime.

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    How Can I Open My Garage Door Manually From Outside?

    If a power failure occurs while your car is still outside your garage, your garage door opener will be of no use.

    That’s because this equipment doesn’t work without a power source.

    However, you shouldn’t lose hope because you can always open your garage door with your hands.

    If you’re wondering how to open a garage door manually from outside, then here’s your answer.

    1. The first thing you need to do is gain access to the emergency release cord of your garage door opener.

    From the outside, you would see a keyhole on your garage door which connects to the emergency release.

    You can find this on the top middle part of your door.

    1. Use the correct key to unlock the emergency key release.
    2. After inserting and turning the lock, take the lock tumbler out.
    3. Once the tumbler is out, you should see that it is connected to a cord located inside your garage.

    This is the emergency release cord.

    1. Pull down the cord to disengage the garage door opener.

    A click should indicate that you’ve successfully disconnected your automatic garage door operator.

    1. Using the appropriate key, unlock your garage door.
    2. Afterward, you can now raise your garage door manually to open it.

    Make sure that you lift your door all the way up to ensure that it won’t collapse as you drive your car into your garage.

    1. Finally, once your car is inside your garage, close your garage door by pulling it down.

    Garage Door Opener Reconnection Process

    Once the electricity comes back, you obviously would want to go back to using your garage door automatically.

    To accomplish this, you need to re-engage your garage door opener.

    Listed below is a step-by-step guide to reconnecting your door opener when the power is restored.

    1. Close your garage door all the way to the floor.
    2. Next, pull down the emergency release cord on your garage door opener.

    This step will induce the door opener motor to reconnect with the trolley.

    1. Manually open your garage door until you hear a click sound.

    This signifies that your door is now in automatic operation.

    1. Lastly, test out your garage door.

    Try to open and close it using the remote or wall switch to verify that the opener is working properly.

    Call Professional Garage Door For Help

    Sometimes, your garage door opener fails not because of a power outage.

    It could also be due to a damaged remote, dead opener remote battery, electrical interferences, and poor opener reception.

    In cases like this, you should immediately call garage door repair specialists for technical assistance.

    These repairmen are experts in dealing with all kinds of garage door problems.

    After having a thorough look at your garage door, they will diagnose the source of the problem.

    Right after that, they will also fix the issue so that you can enjoy the convenience of your automatic garage door.

    For the best garage door repair in Fort Worth, don’t think twice and call Panther Garage Pros.

    Let our team handle your garage door repair and maintenance needs.

    We also offer garage door installation in Fort Worth.

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