How To Open A Stuck Garage Door From The Outside

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    Broken Garage Door Spring

    Automatic garage doors provide not just home security but great convenience, as well.

    After a hectic day at work, you can go home and drive your car straight into the garage without leaving the comfort of your car to open and close the door.

    Moreover, you will not need to carry around your house keys because your remote can access your garage.

    Having this said, you will realize the luxury an automatic garage door can give.

    You could have been oblivious of the benefits the automatic garage door offers until it becomes inaccessible.

    Just as you thought life is just simple and convenient, unexpected things happen.

    The convenience of having an automatic garage door is not meant forever.

    There will be times when you need to manually open your garage door because a power outage or jammed doors happen.

    When your garage door displays faulty operations, the best possible solution is to call for a professional repair technician.

    You can rely on our company, Panther Garage Pros, to get your door back in its optimal condition.

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    What causes the garage door to get stuck?

    When you are having garage door troubles, you should know first the possible causes that lead to a stuck garage door.

    Listed below are some reasons that cause a jammed garage door.

    1. Presence of obstruction:

    Check for issues with the garage door sensor.

    It may have sensed an obstruction that stopped it from closing or opening.

    1. Damaged garage door track:

    Aside from the spring, the garage door track is also responsible for heavy lifting.

    As your garage door ages, the garage door track can be damaged, resulting in a stuck door.

    The track may bend or crack with frequent use and pressure.

    Check for cracks that may have caused the garage door to get stuck.

    1. Rust build-up in garage door rollers:

    Rust builds up in the rollers with frequent use.

    Providing your garage door roller with lubricant will facilitate a smooth operation.

    1. Broken springs:.

    Not all stuck garage doors are caused by an obstruction.

    Check your springs for a break.

    When springs break, it can result in a jammed door and is extremely dangerous.

    So, you will need to call for a professional intervention to avoid unnecessary injuries or damages.

    How to open a stuck garage door from the outside?

    Sometimes, even well-maintained garage doors may malfunction.

    Even with regular inspection and maintenance, garage doors may display faulty operation as it ages.

    By following our simple directions, you can open your jammed door from the outside without damaging it.

    Here are some steps on how to open a stuck garage door from the outside:

    STEP 1: Keep your garage door completely close

    Before you attempt to open your garage door,be certain first that the door is completely closed.

    Usually, if the door does not close entirely, there could have been an underlying problem such as broken springs.

    Knowing that the door is already open and you still try to disengage the opener, it can result in bodily injury and damage to property.

    The door will abruptly crash down to the ground which can be dangerous.

    STEP 2: Locate emergency release cord

    Before doing anything else, you will need to locate the emergency release cord.

    Usually, it is a red cord attached to the trolley, hanging on the garage door.

    After you locate the cord, simply pull it until you hear a click.

    It means the trolley is already disconnected from the carriage so you can now open the door manually.

    STEP 3: Raise the door

    Now that the garage door is unlocked, you can use your palms to lift the garage door.

    Just be sure that it does not close once you release the door and before you drive under them.

    STEP 4: Pull the emergency release cord

    Again, you will need to pull the red cord to switch your garage door to automatic mode.

    Once you hear a click sound, you can raise or lower the door electrically again.

    Reliable garage door repair

    A stuck garage door may be a simple issue.

    However, your eyes may not see that there could have been an underlying problem such as broken springs.

    When spring breaks, it can be extremely dangerous as it can result in damages and injuries.

    So, just knowing how to open a stuck garage door from the outside will not be enough.

    You will need to stop and call a professional repair technician immediately before it is too late to remedy the problem.

    For a fast and reliable garage door repair in Fort Worth, contact Panther Garage Pros.

    We offer thorough yet affordable garage door services.

    Our team is standing by to take your call.

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