How To Manually Open A Garage Door

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    Since the invention of automatic garage doors, life has become simpler and more convenient.

    After working long hours for a day, you will just want to quickly drive up to your house, use the remote control to open your garage doors, and go to your room and take a nap.

    But what if inevitable things happen, leaving you with an unmoving garage door?

    There are times when the weather gets stormy outside causing a power outage or the garage door motor just stops working, getting it stuck on one side.

    Because such things will inevitably get frustrating overtime, it is important to learn how to open a garage door manually and fix the problem that will cause costly damages to your home.

    In the event that your garage door needs to be opened manually because of certain difficulties, you do not need to worry.

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    When do you need to manually open your garage door?

    Life will often leave you with unexpected occurrences but you need to be ready for it.

    So, if you think that you do not need to learn how to manually open a garage door, you might be mistaken.

    In the event of an emergency or just for ordinary errands, it is important that you know what to do with your unmoving garage door for you to be able to leave the house.

    Listed below are situations which you may find yourself getting into that proves that your knowledge and understanding about opening a garage door manually are beneficial.

    Electricity is off

    During occasional power outages, the automatic garage door shuts down so there is a need to open it by hand.

    Remote control gets lost

    When you are in a hurry to leave the house, you do not have time to search for the misplaced remote so knowing how to manually open a garage door is an advantage.

    Garage door is broken

    When dealing with spring issues, the best way to troubleshoot is to try opening the door manually. Just make sure to disconnect the automatic opener before you open the closed garage door.

    In case of emergency

    Events such as natural calamities, power outages, fire incidents or other emergency situations, knowing how to manually open your garage door is vital for your safety.

    How to manually open a garage door?

    If you find yourself in a difficult situation where there is a power failure, the remote gets lost, you are in an emergency situation,  or your doors are broken, opening a garage door manually is easier than you think.

    By following our simple instructions, you can open your garage door manually without any problem.

    Here are some steps on how to manually open a garage door from outside:

    STEP 1: Keep the door in down position

    Primarily, the door must be in down position before you attempt to disengage your garage door opener in your garage door.

    When the door is in the open position and you try to disengage the opener, it can be dangerous.

    Upon disengaging the opener when the door is already open, a broken spring may result in a sudden crashing of the garage door to the ground.

    STEP 2: Look for the Emergency Release Handle

    First, you need to locate the emergency release handle.

    It is usually a red cord hanging on the garage door.

    Then, simply pull the cord to activate the unlocking mechanism so you can open the door manually.

    STEP 3: Lift the door manually

    Using yung palms, lift the garage door and ensure that it does not close once you let go of it and before you drive under them.

    STEP 4: Pull the emergency release handle

    You will need to pull the red cord once again in order to allow you operate your garage door electronically.

    Once you hear a click, you can raise or lower the door electrically again.

    STEP 5: Close the door

    Do not forget to completely lower the door afterward.

    These essential steps will help you manually open your garage doors in times of unexpected situations.

    However, if you realize that your garage door does not work after doing these tips, we recommend leaving it up to a professional repair technician.

    To avoid damaging your garage doors, you may contact Panther Garage Pros, we offer garage door repair in Fort Worth.

    Call us now, our professionals will gladly take your call.

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