How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    Your garage door’s automatic function is possible due to radiofrequency signals exchanged between the remote and the opener.

    Each button on your opener remote sends a unique command for the garage door opener to execute.

    So, if you press the open or close button, your garage door will open or shut, respectively.

    But, what if your door operator won’t budge no matter how hard you click on the remote control?

    Weak opener reception causes this issue and it can be due to various reasons.

    Find out these reasons and solutions on how to improve garage door opener reception in this article.

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    Change the garage door opener remote batteries

    One of the common culprits of your door operator’s weak signal range is the remote batteries.

    While the batteries on your remote control can last for many years, they are not eternal.

    On this account, you should be aware of the lifespan of your remote batteries to avoid unexpected delays.

    Usually, batteries only last between 3 and 5 years.

    So, if you haven’t replaced the battery on your opener remote, then that’s probably the source of your problem.

    Try changing the remote battery first to see if it improves your door opener reception.

    Luckily, garage door opener remote batteries are available in supermarkets and convenience stores and they don’t cost much.

    Upgrade your opener remote control

    A damaged remote is another possible reason for the poor reception of your garage door.

    After some years, the buttons, wires, and other components of your garage door remote will wear out.

    Constantly dropping or smashing your remote control will hasten its deterioration process.

    In case your garage door opener remote is damaged and worn out, then it’s time for an upgrade.

    Replacing your remote with a new and better unit can boost your garage door opener’s signal strength.

    Get rid of interferences

    Electrical devices such as LED lights, TV cables, battery chargers, and alarms can cause interferences.

    If you suspect these components to be causing your poor opener reception, then test your hypotheses and then remove these interferences.

    For example, remove your garage LED light bulb and see if your opener range improves.

    If it does, then you will need to replace your indoor lights.

    In case you can’t steer clear of interferences, then you can try relocating and extending your antenna.

    Relocate your garage door opener antenna

    The main component of your garage door operator that’s responsible for receiving the RF signals is the antenna.

    This hardware is usually hanging freely below the opener unit.

    This location allows the antenna to clearly detect the signals sent out by your remote.

    However, if there are obstructions to these RF signals, your opener will find it hard to communicate with the remote.

    One way to resolve the issue of interference is to change the location of the antenna.

    This technique allows you to place the antenna in a perfect location where it can distinctly receive signals from your door.

    Extend your garage door opener antenna

    In relation to the previous technique, you can add an antenna extension if you need a longer opener antenna.

    Besides making antenna relocation easier, upgrading your antenna can also boost the range of your door opener.

    Depending on the range that you prefer, you need to find a compatible antenna extension for your door opener.

    Consult with your trusted garage door specialist to help you select the right extension for your opener antenna.

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