How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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    Garage door tracks play a vital role in the smooth operation and security of your door.

    Damage to this component can cause your door to jerk and create an annoying noise as your garage door moves.

    Likewise, misaligned or loose tracks can also yield the same results.

    These conditions may even cause your door to stop periodically or become stuck.

    Furthermore, misaligned door tracks could leave a gap in your garage door.

    This poses a security risk for your property.

    Given these consequences of having unreliable door tracks, you should regularly check on these components.

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    Common Garage Door Track Issues

    It’s natural for your garage door tracks to wear out after some time.

    After a few years, you may notice that your door tracks don’t look as unblemished as when it was newer.

    So, to help you determine the condition of your garage door tracks, we’ve listed common garage door track problems.

    Loose Garage Door Tracks

    A set of screws secure your garage door tracks on each side of your garage door.

    Over time, these screws may become loose due to the repeated opening and closing of your door.

    Consequently, your garage door tracks will become unsteady, and your door will produce a vibrating noise as it moves.

    Jammed Garage Door

    If you accidentally hit your garage door tracks, there’s a possibility that they have become bent or misshapen.

    This deformation may impede the rollers from moving uninterruptedly along the tracks.

    As a result, you may notice that your door constantly pauses or sticks on the tracks.

    Garage Door Gap

    Garage door gaps may be due to misaligned garage door tracks.

    Since the tracks on each side of your door are not even, a space on the top or sides of your garage door may manifest.

    This gap can attract unwanted guests such as burglars and opportunistic animals, thereby harming your home and family.

    Adjusting Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

    The regular upkeep of your garage door tracks is necessary to achieve the optimum performance of your door.

    In case you have loose mounting screws or uneven garage door tracks, the easiest solution is track adjustment.

    Follow these steps to safely adjust your garage door tracks.

    1. Loosen the screws that are holding your garage door tracks in place. Use a screwdriver for this step.
    2. Adjust the positioning of your tracks by gently tapping the bottom of the roller tracks with a rubber mallet.
    3. Make sure that each track is perfectly upright. To verify the alignment of the tracks, use a spirit level.
    4. Once you’ve adjusted the position of your tracks, tighten the screws back.

    This step will fasten the tracks so that they won’t wobble as you operate your garage door.

    Adjusting Garage Door Tracks with Gaps

    A garage door stop that is rubbing against the rubber molding indicates uneven tracks.

    With this, you may also notice a gap in your garage door.

    Hence, you need to complete the following procedures to adjust your door tracks.

    1. Using a wrench, unfasten the track bolts that are holding the tracks to their lower brackets.
    1. Second, realign your garage door tracks to get rid of the gap.

    Move one track to the left or right so that you have about a quarter-inch of space between the stop and molding.

    1. Ensure that the gaps between the garage door stop and molding are equal along the tracks.
    1. Tighten the garage door track bolts with a wrench to secure the tracks.

    Your Most Reliable Garage Door Repair Company

    Every garage owner has the responsibility to ensure that every part of their garage door is in good condition.

    After all, the performance and safety of their garage door rest on these components.

    While you can adjust your garage door tracks on your own, some garage door issues require expert assistance.

    With this, we want to let you know that you can call us at any time for help.

    Contact us today at Panther Garage Pros for same-day garage door repair in Fort Worth, Texas.

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