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    An annual tune-up improves and guarantees the smooth operation of your garage door.

    We pay little attention to the garage as we drive our cars in and out every day.

    The doors to the garage are subject to wear; you may barely notice the minor damages from the parts.

    Over time, the pristine condition of the parts will decline naturally.

    Don’t worry, as this is natural, like all things you use in the household.

    The key trick to maintain the high function and durability of these doors is regular maintenance of the mechanism.

    This is where tune-up services come in.

    Professional tune-up services cover all the necessities to restore the garage door with lubrication, adjustments, and minor repairs.

    While most people believe that a tune-up is just a short inspection of the garage, it’s only one part of the service.

    A tune-up is more than just a short examination and a few tweaks to big parts in the mechanism of your doors.

    Professional technicians assess the garage as well for sources of damage to any part of the system.

    Damages can come from other sources inside the garage like power, water damage, leaks, and others.

    Look out for these steps during your garage door tune-up in Fort Worth so that you can guarantee complete restoration of your doors.

    Visual inspection

    The first step is always the visual inspection of the garage.

    One simple inspection can save you from the potential costs of severe repairs.

    Professionals will perform a thorough assessment of your garage to see the most negligible damages in the system.

    Cable, spring, and track adjustment

    Cables, springs, and tracks tend to loosen over time.

    As heavy door panels move around a lot, some sectionals may shift the position of these parts to provide more space for movement.

    A simple adjustment can make the mechanism more compact and efficient in operation.

    Door opener calibration

    The opener is responsible for the automation of the garage operation.

    Control devices like a handheld remote control or wall switch need regular calibration and programming.

    Afterward, you will get a garage that is more in sync with your control devices.


    The mechanism consists of multiple moving parts that can turn rough over time.

    While some parts like the door opener stay in place, the rollers and springs need lubrication to improve.

    Moreover, you need to use the correct product that is compatible with your model parts.

    Hardware inspection

    The hardware keeps the entire system together.

    One missing hinge or screw can loosen some parts and make your garage a danger zone to your family.

    As such, our team here at Panther Garage Pros will inspect all the hardware that keeps the system together.

    Safety measures

    The garage should always have some safety measures in case of emergencies.

    According to standards, garages should always have safety cables that keep snapping tension springs in place.

    The tune-up also includes certain tests like the balance test to ensure that the door panels are level inside the garage.

    Professional recommendations

    The goal of our garage door tune-up in Fort Worth is to improve the doors inside your garage.

    If you’re looking for expert advice on garage doors, talk to us.

    Our team of professionals can give you the most valuable recommendations that may change your garage experience in the long run.

    Find a free schedule in your week and call us for a tune-up

    Booking professionals for urgent service can be challenging in many places.

    If you have worries about your annual tune-up for the garage, push away your concerns.

    We are Panther Garage Pros, and we offer our garage door repair in Fort Worth.

    Our repair services cover a lot of damages and issues.

    More importantly, our repairs also include a reliable garage door tune-up in Fort Worth.

    You don’t need to look anywhere else for efficient service as we offer our work to you.

    We work on both residential and commercial garage doors across town.

    We also offer our garage door installation in Fort Worth for all aspiring garage owners.

    If you want to invest in a brand new model for your garage, we are here to help you get the best deals in town.

    All you need to do is give our team a call.

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