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    There are two types of door tracks present in garages.

    The vertical door tracks are on the sides of the frame.

    These tracks usually hold the door panels when the garage is not open.

    On the other hand, the overhead tracks are on top of the garage.

    The overhead tracks rest in the garage ceiling space parallel to the door opener and cables of the mechanism.

    When you want to open the garage, the door panels travel up towards the overhead tracks and rest there until you decide to close the garage again.

    Due to the constant movement of the door panels, the door tracks end up moving as well.

    Instead of staying put in its original position, it may shift slightly depending on how the door panels move in the following days or weeks.

    As such, a garage door track adjustment is necessary.

    The goal is to keep the door tracks permanently in place for a long time to prevent gaps in the frame or damage to the garage seal.

    When you need to adjust the door tracks, call the professionals in Fort Worth for the service.

    Many businesses cater to garage door repair in Fort Worth, including track repairs and adjustment services.

    Signs you need a track adjustment

    When the door tracks are out of place, you will notice several changes in the garage.

    The changes may not be visible at first, but over time, you’ll feel the difference in the operation of the door panels.

    It’s best to perform the adjustment before it’s too late and you end up with a broken door panel on the floor.

    Panther Garage Pros is present in Fort Worth to offer adjustment services to your door tracks.

    Look out for these signs that you need a track adjustment.

    Binding garage door

    Binding doors mean that the door panels bind with the tracks and end up leaving a floor gap.

    If the tracks are not parallel to each other, the door panels may only move up to a certain point.

    If you force the door panels to move, the rollers may end up breaking and becoming loose.

    Off-track door panels

    When the rollers of the door panel come off the tracks frequently, it’s a sign that adjustment is necessary.

    It means there are many wedges and damages in the door tracks.

    Check for the dented parts of the door tracks to see if loose places pop out the rollers.

    Rattling sounds in the tracks

    Strange noises are common, especially when the tracks are not snug and fit in the frame.

    Loose spaces allow the tracks to move a few centimeters as the door panels move up and down the track.

    You may need to check the original placement of the tracks, readjust it to stay in the initial place, and tighten the hardware correctly.

    Grinding sounds from the rollers

    Worn-out rollers or unlubricated rollers may end up grinding against the tracks.

    While it may not directly affect the position of the door tracks, a noisy roller increases the noise levels in the garage.

    Call professionals to fix the grinding sounds, scraping sounds, or other issues in the tracks and rollers.

    Garage temperature changes

    All garages have seals and weatherstripping to combat weather changes.

    Weatherstripping is usually near or beside the position of the tracks to eliminate the spaces that can bring in rainwater and incite water damage.

    When the garage feels colder, or there is more water coming inside, it may indicate that door tracks are far away from the weatherstrip, prompting adjustment.

    Make an appointment with our team of technicians for a well-adjusted garage door track

    We are Panther Garage Pros, and we offer our garage door track adjustment.

    Consider it as one of our maintenance services for all garages in town.

    We offer garage door repair in Fort Worth to fix damages and lessen issues in the garage space.

    Our team wants all garages in homes and businesses to be safe.

    Loose door tracks can result in hanging garage doors and potential danger zones in your property.

    Let’s eliminate that by constantly fixing and tuning the conditions of the garage door.

    We also offer our garage door installation in Fort Worth for all types and designs of doors in the garage.

    We are available at all times, so give our team a call.

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