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    Did you ever ponder about the purpose of a torsion spring in your garage door?

    Or did you ever sit down and wonder what a torsion spring is?

    You might not be aware of these things until your torsion spring breaks.

    Springs are one of the most critical parts of your garage door.

    Unlike other components, you will need to replace a broken spring to keep your garage door functioning correctly.

    If disregarded, it can be dangerous as it can cause bodily injury and property damage.

    So, you must know and understand what torsion spring does and how it works.

    Moreover, you need to know more about garage door spring replacement.

    Replacing your garage door torsion spring can be an unnerving experience to you.

    If it seems too risky for you, Panther Garage Pros offers garage door repair in Fort Worth.

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    How Torsion Springs Work

    First, you need to know that there are two types of springs: the extension and the torsion type.

    Torsion spring is mounted above the opening of your garage door while extension spring is installed above the horizontal tracks.

    Since torsion springs are safer, noiseless, and better, it is commonly seen and widely used.

    Unlike extension springs, torsion springs are able to store more energy because these are made of a denser material.

    The torsion springs installed above the garage door are attached to cables, as well.

    As the door closes, the spring tightens and then unwinds and releases energy in order to raise the garage door.

    Why Torsion Springs Break

    As mentioned above, torsion springs do all the liftings of the garage door.

    Over a period of time, it will eventually begin to reduce its strength that will affect its ability to lift the door properly.

    Here are some of the reasons why garage door springs break:

    1. Wear and tear

    Even the strongest torsion springs will eventually deform and break once they reach their capacity.

    1. Improper maintenance

    Torsion springs are not meant to last forever but a well-maintained garage door can last for several years.

    You should have a professional garage door company to inspect your garage door at least once a year.

    1. Rust

    With increasing friction, rust weakens the core of the steel coil.

    Even the toughest and most flexible garage door springs can be broken due to rust.

    To reduce rust buildup and keep the spring working smoothly, you should spray the coil with a lubricant at least four times a year.

    Signs of broken torsion springs

    As mentioned above, torsion springs are a critical component of the garage door system.

    Once broken, you will need to replace it to keep your garage door functioning correctly.

    Furthermore, broken springs may cause injuries or damage to property as it can be a fall hazard.

    Identifying the early signs of broken torsion spring will help you remedy the problem before it can cause costly damage to your home.

    The following are some typical signs of malfunctioning torsion spring system:

    1. Heavy garage door: When you attempt to manually lift your garage door, it will be too heavy.
    2. Dented door’s top portion: Since the door is extremely heavy, the top portion of the door will take the force from it causing the top door section to be dented.
    3. Visible gap between springs: When the springs break, you will see a gap.
    4. Loud noise: You will hear an incredibly loud noise when a spring is broken.
    5. Door falls down quickly: When you raise the garage door using your hands, it abruptly falls to the ground upon releasing the door.

    Torsion Spring Replacement

    It is important to note that garage door spring replacement is a potentially difficult and an extremely dangerous task because springs store an immense amount of tension.

    So, it is not considered a DIY project.

    Replacing your garage door springs will need specialized tools to ensure it is done correctly.

    Many DIY repairs result in bodily injury and damage to property.

    We recommend you hire a professional repair technician.

    Regarding this matter, Panther Garage Pros has experienced repair technicians who will help you remedy your garage door problems.

    We offer various services including garage door installation and garage door repair in Fort Worth.

    Contact us and our team will give you a FREE quote and estimate for our service.

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