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    We don’t mind our garage doors except for the occasional random checks on parts.

    The only time owners completely pay attention is when there are damages present.

    Once the mechanism doesn’t work correctly, the internal alarm or panic sets in.

    You may start to wonder, why is my garage not opening properly?

    When things like these happen inside your garage, it’s best to weigh your options first.

    Do an initial inspection only if you’re not in imminent danger.

    Damages and malfunctions aren’t always emergencies.

    You may have the time to make things better before calling for service.

    Once you do the inspection, assess where the damage is coming from.

    If the damage comes from the torsion spring, then chances are you can’t access the garage safely.

    When the springs don’t work correctly, you need to book a garage door torsion spring repair from nearby businesses in Fort Worth.

    Signs of a broken torsion spring

    It would be best to repair the damage before everything worsens and ends up destroying other parts.

    In this way, you can mitigate the risks inside your garage, and you have more time before the situation turns into an emergency.

    If you need to leave the garage untouched for a couple of days, do so.

    The emptier the area is the less potential damage to anything inside.

    Be aware of these warnings inside your garage for a broken torsion spring.

    The garage doesn’t open properly

    The torsion spring provides the force that supports the heavy doors in the tracks.

    Without a working spring, don’t expect movement from the doors.

    It will most likely stay in place and won’t move until you have a garage door torsion spring repair.

    Slow movement in the tracks

    If the damage isn’t very severe, the panels can still travel up and down the tracks.

    Slow movement indicates that there isn’t enough support for a more efficient counterweight.

    However, due to too much stress and heavy pressure, the spring may break apart sooner.

    Strange noise during the operation

    Noise is a good indicator of damage in the system.

    Listen out for particular clinking noise on top of the garage.

    The clinking noise indicates rust build-up between the coils, which weakens the entire spring length.

    Unlevel door panels

    Have you ever experienced a garage door that has one end that is higher than the other?

    You may perceive that the garage has a hanging door in the frame.

    Stay away from the garage first, as the door panels may likely fall anytime if you push it to move further.

    Loose cable lengths

    Springs and cables work together to provide the counterweight of the garage.

    When there is a loose cable on the garage floor, check the springs as well.

    The broken cables may result from the overwork of supporting the panels from the broken torsion spring.

    DIY Repair vs. Professional Repair from Panther Garage Pros

    Is it better to have a DIY date or book a professional service?

    Repairs can become costly with more severe damages in the system.

    Many people are looking for ways to save some cash by doing things on their own.


    Your safety is the most precious thing in a danger-prone area, such as a garage with a broken spring.

    Some people are more qualified and knowledgeable to handle this scenario than you.

    Moreover, there are businesses with all the necessary equipment and tools to give a complete repair.

    Always invest in the safety of your property, and more importantly, your safety.

    Book for professional repair and think of it this way:

    You are getting experts with lots of repair experience to give a safe garage door torsion spring repair!

    Book a repair service with our team in Panther Garage Pros

    We are Panther Garage Pros, and we offer our service to everybody in Fort Worth.

    Our garage door repair in Fort Worth includes repair for broken parts like the torsion spring.

    You can call us at any time of the day to book a job.

    Moreover, we offer our garage door installation in Fort Worth.

    If you ever decide that your current garage door system is too old and is beyond its lifespan, it’s time for brand new doors.

    We can help you set up new doors to guard your garage.

    We offer our services 24/7, and we are available daily.

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