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    The springs have the most heavy-duty job out of all the parts in the mechanism.

    Springs provide the force that moves heavy door panels across the tracks.

    Heavy door panels need a counterweight system to act against the gravitational force that makes the door heavier.

    Without the springs, it may not be safe to move and stay inside your garage while the panels travel up and down the tracks.

    More than anything else in the mechanism, you need to get professional garage door spring installation.

    Guarantee the condition of your garage by ensuring that the springs are in perfect condition.

    The last thing you want to sense is coils breaking while the door panels are traveling towards the overhead tracks inside the garage.

    Many services offer a garage door spring installation, so you don’t have to worry about having access to reliable services.

    You can always look up online and call services to schedule the installation of the new spring.

    Experienced technicians should get your new springs up and running in no time.

    Torsion spring

    One type of spring is the torsion spring.

    The torsion spring makes use of a force called torque to provide the counterweight against gravity.

    Torque is the rotational force in the spring, and the coils store energy for the next movement of the door panels.

    Depending on which position the ends rotate, you get to have a garage that opens or closes.


    • Torsion springs are more durable for heavier door panels and more oversized garages.
    • Depending on the size of the garage, one torsion spring may be enough to provide enough force for support.


    • It is more expensive than the tension spring.
    • The torsion spring needs more room on the top of the garage entrance frame.

    Tension spring

    The next type of spring is the tension spring.

    While torsion springs use torque, the tension spring uses tension force to hold the door panels in place.

    The coils stretch out to provide support for the heavy door panels.

    When you open the garage, the spring compresses and coils become tight together again.


    • Tension springs are more affordable than torsion springs.
    • You may have a garage door spring installation to either the side of your frames or along with the door opener inside the garage.


    • The tension springs are more susceptible to wear and tear; hence these springs are less durable in general.
    • It’s necessary to have two springs in the mechanism for both sides of the panels to ensure proper force balance.

    Reasons to get a spring installation from us

    Once you decide to book for garage door spring installation, Panther Garage Pros is available.

    We offer our installation work to set up the brand new springs inside the garage.

    There are many reasons you should choose us for the installation of your new springs.

    Affordable service

    We offer all services at affordable rates and costs.

    We believe that price shouldn’t be a hindrance to excellent and professional service.

    If you want to know the installation cost, you can call us for a quote to talk about the service.

    Experience and expertise

    Experience is the best teacher, and this applies to professional services for the doors inside your garage.

    Our team has enough experience to install all brands and sizes of springs possible.

    We have given our work to many homeowners and business owners; you can count on us to provide our services efficiently.


    We are available in the city of Fort Worth.

    No matter where you are in this area, we will be with you.

    Whether it’s an emergency garage door spring installation or you want to book for a later service date, count on us to be there in time.

    Make an installation appointment to upgrade your current springs into new ones

    We are Panther Garage Pros, and we are here in town to offer our work.

    Our team specializes in services that include but are not limited to urgent garage door repairs in Fort Worth.

    We also provide garage door installation in Fort Worth for brand new garage doors and part replacement.

    You can book an appointment with us so you can get your new springs in place.

    There’s no need to worry about providing proper support for hefty door panels.

    We are here to help you install a new one.

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