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    The garage door mechanism needs enough support for efficient function every day.

    The entire system works together to provide you with a protected garage.

    The door panels are the heaviest items in the system; it needs a guide while moving up or down the tracks.

    While each component handles a particular function, some parts are more connected to the door panels.

    First, the tracks on the side of the door frame contain the rollers that guide the door panels during movement.

    Then, the rollers are responsible for the smooth gliding of each sectional panel in the tracks.

    Lastly, the springs and cables have the brunt work of lifting the panels across the tracks.

    Any sign of damage or lack of support from these parts leads to detrimental consequences inside the garage.

    Picture a sectional panel falling or becoming wobbly in the tracks as connected panels move to open your garage.

    It may not seem like a threat when you’re far away, or nobody is present inside the garage.

    However, if you have family members playing inside the garage, the area can be a danger zone over time.

    For moments like this, you need a professional garage door off track repair as soon as possible.

    Don’t make the mistake of delaying the necessary repairs as the safety in your garage decreases.

    Signs of an off-track garage door

    As you start to pay more attention to the door panels, you may end up finding more signs of the issue.

    An off track door is not something that happens suddenly.

    Sometimes, it takes more time for the signs and the symptoms to manifest in your garage.

    As such, look out for these common occurrences as a sign of the track problems.

    ✔︎ Roller of any sectional panel is not inside the track

    ✔︎ Door tracks have warps and wedges in many areas

    ✔︎ Door tracks are not secure in place

    ✔︎ Both sides of the tracks are not flat and parallel with each other

    ✔︎ The door panels appear out of balance (one side is higher than the other)

    ✔︎ There are loose hardware inside the garage

    ✔︎ The sectional panels jam inside the tracks

    ✔︎ The doors move slower than normal

    ✔︎ There is a strange noise from the mechanism (look out for banging, screeching, and rattling sounds)

    ✔︎ Other parts are displaying damage, i.e., broken torsion springs, snapping cables

    The best thing you can do when you experience these signs is to contact professional services.

    In Fort Worth, Panther Garage Pros is present to give you the help that you need.

    We have expertise in all models and brands of garage doors.

    Common causes of an off-track garage door

    While signs may be apparent that you need a garage door off track repair, the causes may vary.

    There are many reasons that off-track issues are happening.

    One thing is for sure, compiling damages calls for an urgent repair or a replacement issue.

    Impact and damage

    The most common cause of the problem is a heavy impact on the panel.

    Accidents happen all the time, like when you accidentally back up your vehicle and hit the door panel.

    For unexpected forces, expect some damage to either the tracks or the lower panels.

    Lacks durable installation

    High-quality installation is the beginning of a durable mechanism.

    You can’t just place the tracks on the frame and use hardware to keep all pieces together.

    Proper part installation takes a lot of planning and professional experience for any garage.

    Old age

    All things in life age over time, and the doors that lead to your garage are not an exemption.

    The years of use will manifest wear and tear of the condition over time.

    If there are no damages present, and you invested in the installation, it’s the tracks’ old age causing the derailment.

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