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    Maintenance is necessary to make all parts of a garage door durable.

    All garage owners wish for a long-lasting door that withstands decades of use and exposure to external elements.

    However, that’s not the only reason why you should maintain the doors.

    Annual maintenance improves the operation of your door.

    On top of long-lasting parts, you should have more efficient door operations inside the garage.

    Without maintenance, you won’t be able to spot the minor damages that lead to slow door movements.

    The lack of inspection leads to a build-up of dirt, damage, and issues that slowly decline the door’s initial condition.

    How are the door panels supposed to slide down the tracks easily when there is no regular lubrication to the mechanism?

    When you experience a garage door moving slowly, it’s time to call the professionals for service.

    Luckily, there are many services in town that can help you with the problem.

    A slow-moving door mechanism is not a new problem.

    It’s one of the most common issues inside the garage, and there are several causes to the concern.

    Old age

    An old garage door won’t be in the same condition as a brand new model.

    Age will always be a defining factor of performance.

    The doors to the garage will experience a lot in its life span.

    All the small damages and the big repairs will take a toll on the condition of the parts.

    Weather conditions can contribute to accumulating damages to the doors.

    When it’s time to let go of the old doors, you don’t need to worry, as Panther Garage Pros is available with a garage door installation in Fort Worth.

    Sudden change in the force adjustment setting

    Sometimes, there are no damages to any part of the mechanism.

    The model is only a couple of months old and still sports pristine condition.

    What could go wrong and why is the garage door moving slowly?

    Check the door opener in the ceiling space of the garage.

    Any sudden changes to the force adjustment adjust how “fast” the door panels travel down the tracks.

    Turn the knob clockwise to add the optimal force and allow for faster movement in the tracks.

    Lack of lubrication in necessary parts

    A lubricant allows less friction between two surfaces.

    Smooth door operations result from constant lubrication of necessary moving parts in the mechanism.

    Don’t forget to schedule lubrication maintenance with our team so you won’t have a garage door moving slow.


    The tracks guide the rollers to lift or lower the sectional panels.

    Rollers and tracks are always in contact, and this will result in friction over time.

    What you can do is inspect the tracks for any dirt build-up and clean the spaces.


    Lubricate the roller wheels as these parts are responsible for spinning and gilding the door panels along the tracks.

    Rollers tend to get stuck in the long run without lubrication.

    Don’t wait for the day when the rollers don’t spin in their shaft before you set a date for proper lubrication.


    Hinges are everywhere inside the garage.

    It may seem unlikely to lubricate the hinges; however, it’s necessary for all the connecting sectionals.

    The door panels need to curve towards the overhead track, and unlubricated hinges limit the movement of the panels.

    Damages in the mechanism

    Any damage can be a cause of the slow movement inside the garage.

    The slow movement of the doors serves as the warning indicator of potential damages.

    It’s necessary to book for an inspection and garage door repair in Fort Worth to address the slow operation of the door and the damage that causes it.


    Broken springs mean there is no support for the door itself.

    Heavy doors need the optimal force to move up and down the garage.

    As the spring provides the force necessary, it may end up breaking because of too much stress.

    Door opener

    Openers automate the movement function of the doors inside the garage.

    Interferences can slow down the reception between the opener and the remote control device.

    In addition, damage to the belt-drive or chain-drive slows down the movement of the door panels.


    Cables work together with the spring in providing support for the doors.

    Springs do most of the lifting work, but the cables ensure the balance on both sides of the door.

    If one side of the cables breaks, then unlevel door panels tend to move slower.

    Set an appointment with our team and improve the door movement inside your garage

    We aim to help you lessen the frustration that comes with slow doors.

    Our business, Panther Garage Pros, is a team of repair technicians specializing in all kinds of garage doors.

    Apart from our durable repairs to all types and brands of doors, we also have another service available for you.

    If you ever decide that a brand new model is worth the investment, we offer our garage door installation in Fort Worth.

    Give our team a call for your service date and inquiries.

    We are available at any time of the day.

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