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    Sound and noise are effective indicators in your garage door mechanism.

    When the garage door starts producing strange noises, it may be a bad sign inside the garage.

    Efficient door operations are silent as much as possible.

    The only thing you should hear is moving panels or the sound of people moving in and out of the garage.

    If you start hearing other types of sounds inside the garage, it’s time for an inspection.

    While you can do an initial inspection, it’s not enough to guarantee that your garage will be quiet again.

    You need expert advice to guide you in the possible choices in your scenario.

    Book our professional door technicians to assess the condition of your door.

    Brace yourself for some repair costs to fix the issue that makes the noises.

    It’s better to book the same team of technicians to assess and perform the garage door repair in Fort Worth.

    Types of noise

    Before you book for the inspection and repair, it’s better to identify first the type of noise that comes from a garage door making noise.

    By identifying the noise inside, you will know where the sound is coming from inside the garage.


    Squeaking sounds are high-pitched sounds coming from rough movements in the mechanism.

    Expect squeaking from a worn-out and unlubricated roller that doesn’t spin in its shaft without proper lubrication.

    Hardware pieces that don’t have enough lubricant will also produce squeaking sounds, e.g., stuck door panel hinges.


    Popping sounds are mid-range to loud short bangs that come from torsion springs.

    Over time, the torsion spring coils lock, preventing proper operation.

    When this happens, you will have a garage door making noise as you try to open the garage.

    Loud banging

    Banging sounds are loud and powerful sounds inside the garage.

    A loud bang can result from a heavy door part falling on the floor or the car backing on the door slabs.

    Bangs often indicate ongoing damage or significant damage after an emergency.


    Grinding sounds happen when you rub two objects together.

    One example is when unlubricated rollers move along the tracks but don’t spin in the shaft.

    It’s like the door panels are dragging the rollers across the tracks.


    Rattling sounds are continuous noises that burst from the garage.

    A faulty door opener motor often produces a rattle noise when you attempt to open the garage.

    When the belt drive or the chain drive has poor lubrication while pulling up the door panels, you’ll have a garage door making noise.


    Clinking sounds like a sharp metallic sound from rubbing two objects together.

    A high pitch and often short noise typically come from rust build-up of the torsion spring.

    Rubbing motions to the coils result in short metallic outbursts in the garage.

    Cause of noise

    After finding various types of garage sounds, it’s time to look at the most common causes of the problem.

    Afterward, give our team in Panther Garage Pros a call for a garage door repair in Fort Worth.

    Current damage

    If there are damages to the mechanism, expect some noises inside the garage.

    Consider the various noises as a warning of potential danger inside the garage.

    Old age

    When the garage door is old, it will not be as well-kept as before.

    Loose parts will have enough space to shift around and produce sounds that come from the instability of the parts.

    Lack of maintenance

    The entire system needs proper maintenance service to last long.

    Unless you like high-pitched noises all the time, lubrication is key to keeping silent operations.

    Find a free day and book your inspection and repair with our team

    Panther Garage Pros is the team for you if you need efficient services in Fort Worth.

    We offer garage door installation in Fort Worth for parts and complete replacements of doors inside the garage.

    Nobody needs to suffer from noisy garage operations.

    You won’t only have an issue with the door; your neighbors may notice it as well.

    As such, give us a call for an inspection and repairs.

    No matter what type of noise your doors make, we have a solution available.

    Our team has enough experience to fix problems that come from continuous sounds in the garage.

    We are available at all times!

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