How To Open A Garage Door Without Power From The Outside

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    Imagine driving home from a day’s work and you just want to comfortably lie down in your bed.

    However, you found out that the neighborhood suffered power loss.

    With that, you cannot open your garage door by simply pressing a button in your remote.

    This can be particularly annoying as you will need to go out of your car and manually open the garage door.

    With this inconvenience, you just realize that having electricity  is a wonderful convenience that you often take for granted.

    You were not cognizant of the luxury and modern amenity it  provides until it is no longer accessible.

    An automatic garage door, one of the great inventions that offers conveniences, comfort, and safety, operates on powered remote control.

    Without a power supply, most automatic garage doors cannot perform its operation.

    So, dealing with a power outage can be an unnerving experience to you especially if you do not know how to open a powerless garage door from the outside.

    If you are having difficulties with your garage doors, Panther Garage Pros will provide you with a reliable service at an affordable rate.

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    How to open a garage door manually from the outside?

    You may be relying too much on electricity more than you realize, leaving you vulnerable when power failure occurs.

    No need to worry, every garage door is equipped with an emergency release kit designed when you lose power supply.

    When caught up in this situation, you can follow a series of steps to open your garage door after a power outage.

    Listed below are the steps on how to open a garage door without power from the outside.

    STEP 1: Keep your garage door entirely in closed position

    Before you get started, make sure that your door is completely closed.

    If the door does not close entirely, it may point to an internal issue such as a faulty spring.

    When you try to disengage the opener while the door is already open it can result in permanent damage.

    The door may drop to the floor which can be dangerous and can cause injuries.

    STEP 2: Find the emergency release button/handle

    The first thing you need to do is to locate the emergency button or handle.

    It is usually a red button or cord attached to the trolley, usually hanging on the garage door.

    Then, pull down the switch until you hear a loud click.

    It will disconnect the trolley from the carriage, the automatic mechanism of the garage door, so your door will be put into a manual mode.

    STEP 3: Lift the door with your hands

    Now that you are done initiating the emergency release mode, your garage door is unlocked.

    Using your palms, slowly and carefully lift the garage door.

    Continue lifting until you are certain that the door is completely open and does not close back once you let go of it and before you drive under them.

    STEP 4: Close the door

    Once you are inside, you can simply close the garage door down

    How to reconnect a garage door opener with an automatic trolley?

    Once power is restored, you will want to return your garage door to automatic mode.

    If you have an automatic trolley, re-engaging your door opener to your garage door is easy.

    The following steps will help you switch your garage door back to automatic mode:

    1. Make sure that your garage door is entirely closed.
    2. Reconnect the garage door opener by plugging it back in.
    3. Use the remote to activate the opener and reconnect by its own.
    4. Be certain that the reconnection process is finished by observing if the trolley is moved into place and attached to the arm on the garage door.
    5. Open and close the door a few times to check if everything is running smoothly.

    How to reconnect a garage door opener without an automatic trolley?

    If you do not have an automatic trolley, re-engaging your door opener to your garage door will be done manually.

    You will need to affix the arm of your garage door to the trolley yourself.

    The following steps will help you reconnect a door opener that does not have an automatic trolley:

    1. Again, make sure that your garage door is entirely closed.
    2. Find the emergency release cord and pull it until you hear a click sound. It means that the switch reattaches.
    3. Attach the arm of the garage door to the trolley by raising the door one or two feet. If done correctly, you will hear the click sound, again.
    4. Reconnect the opener by plugging it back. Check if it is functioning properly by using the remote to open and close the door.

    Call for professionals

    If your garage door is not working after reconnecting the garage door opener, it might be experiencing problems from the blackout.

    You should seek a professional repair technician quickly to avoid damaging your garage door.

    You can contact Panther Garage Pros today, we offer reliable garage repair in Fort Worth.

    Book an appointment with us now!

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