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    What are the benefits of having a reliable garage door?

    Homeowners and business owners alike know the value of a high-quality garage door.

    On top of the list is that it improves their curb appeal and property value.

    Since garage doors occupy a significant portion of the building exterior, they can either make or break your curb appeal.

    High-quality garage doors also provide security, protection, and energy efficiency.

    It can protect your home and family against intrusions, harsh weather conditions, and extreme heat.

    And with an automatic garage door opener, it’s now possible for you to operate your garage door remotely.

    That entails convenience since you won’t have to leave your car just to open or close your garage door.

    Garage door repair or replacement, which one do I need?

    Between the two options, it’s uncommon for technicians to suggest the latter.

    Garage door replacement is usually the last resort because it is costly and impractical in a lot of situations.

    It’s only ideal if your garage door is old and no longer reliable.

    Your technicians may also opt for a new garage door installation if the parts of your garage door are no longer manufactured.

    In other words, you have a discontinued garage door model so no more parts for replacement are available.

    If these conditions don’t apply, then you probably only need a garage door repair service.

    If not, parts replacement will be the next best solution before an entire garage door replacement.

    What are my garage door design options?

    At Panther Garage Pros, we offer a wide range of garage door styles, materials, colors, and finishes.

    You can select among traditional, classic, modern, and carriage-style garage doors for the type of your door.

    After which, you can modify the make of your door and choose from steel to aluminium, fiberglass, and wood.

    If you want to further elevate the appearance of your garage door, we can also install decorative elements.

    Fancy windows, strap hinges, ring pulls, clavos, latches, and pull handles are some popular add-ons for your garage door.

    Call us today so you can consult with our garage door specialists which door is ideal for your unique home style.

    What is garage door insulation?

    If you live in an area where the climate can go extremely warm or cold, then you need to insulate your garage door.

    Insulating your door involves adding a layer of foam to slow down heat transfer.

    The foam helps in retaining the temperature inside your garage so that it doesn’t quickly adapt to the external temperature.

    Hence, you can achieve comfort inside your house despite the heat during the summer or freezing temperature in the winter.

    For the best insulation, you should install a garage door with a high R-value, ideally R-13 or higher.

    This number represents the thermal efficiency of the door, or how efficient it is in preventing heat transfer.

    The higher the R-value, the better the insulation capacity and energy efficiency.

    Can I perform DIY garage door repair?

    You can resolve some garage door problems through DIY repairs.

    This includes fixing a small dent, repairing bent tracks, restoring an off-track door, or replacing the rollers.

    Issues like these have a quick fix and usually only involve minimal safety risks.

    On the other hand, fixing damaged springs, cables, or openers requires technical expertise.

    Attempting to handle these broken components without ample knowledge may result in unwanted accidents and more damages.

    Hence, when in doubt, leave the task to the experts.

    After all, they have extensive experience and high-quality tools to accomplish the task safely and correctly.

    Who do I call for garage door repairs in Fort Worth?

    Without a doubt, you should call Panther Garage Pros for your garage door needs.

    We offer fast and efficient garage door solutions all throughout the area.

    Our technicians can even provide emergency garage door repair.

    Once you book with us, our technicians will immediately be on the move to your place.

    You can expect our professional team to arrive on time and complete with the necessary tools.

    We will strive to get the job done as soon as possible, so you can use your garage door again.

    Do you need reliable garage door repair in Fort Worth?

    Dial our local number now or save it on your speed dial in case you need emergency garage door services.

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