Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need To Know

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    The springs may be the top one object inside your garage that you never check.

    Until the garage doesn’t open properly or hear a loud banging sound inside the garage, the last thing on your mind is spring inspection.

    It’s always better if you would perform a regular inspection inside your garage.

    However, the door springs are usually on top of the garage space.

    Door springs are either sidewall, on top of the garage entrance, or parallel to the door opener.

    Naturally, your eyes won’t drift towards checking the spring since its position is high inside the garage.

    The only time you’ll ever know about any damages is when the doors don’t move up or down upon command.

    When the time comes where you need to repair the spring, it’s better to book professional services in town.

    Technicians already know the ins and outs of spring repair, leading to efficient jobs.

    Before you book for a garage door spring repair, there are things you need to know about beforehand.

    ✔︎ There are two types of springs: torsion spring and tension spring

    Before you proceed with the garage door spring repair, you need to know the basics first.

    There are two types of door springs for any garage door installation in Fort Worth.

    Your garage will either have a torsion spring or tension springs in place.

    Torsion springs are on top of the frame, while tension springs are on the wall or the opener.

    If you have double doors, it’s best to use torsion springs, as tension springs are more compatible with smaller garages.

    ✔︎ High-quality springs last a long time

    The average life cycle of a high-quality spring is around 10,000 cycles.

    Springs that have better material and composition last longer than the average.

    If you calculate the time that spring lasts, a good spring usually lasts years or even decades.

    With proper maintenance, you can expect the spring to last without damage.

    Ensure that you clean and adjust the springs annually to improve condition and silent function.

    ✔︎ You can’t pick out a random spring for replacement

    Many people make a mistake in a DIY method of spring repair.

    You can’t just get a random spring that slightly resembles the old spring.

    Getting the wrong size compromises the garage.

    Smaller springs may end up breaking and dropping the door panels.

    Springs come in sizes and measurements, which is why it’s best to leave the repair to professionals.

    ✔︎ Spring repair jobs are hazardous

    Springs are under a lot of stored force and motion.

    Large amounts of force can break things inside the garage without proper handling and removal.

    It’s not uncommon for door springs to bounce from your hands and hit the windows of your car (If ever you left it inside the garage)

    If you choose to DIY the repair, you need to be extra careful as the spring may snap when you try to take it out of its place.

    ✔︎ Safety cables are non-negotiable

    Torsion springs are within a metal rod that rotates around the cable drum.

    On the other hand, the tension springs hook on one of the holes in the frame structure.

    Never forget to lace strong safety cables within the tension springs.

    In this way, if it snaps off much later, it doesn’t fly around the garage, destroying your belongings.

    Moreover, safety cables are standard safety measures for all garages in town; you can’t skip this essential step in the repair.

    ✔︎ There are professional businesses that can perform repair efficiently in Fort Worth

    The last thing you need to know is that there are many services across town for spring repair.

    Our business, Panther Garage Pros, offers durable garage door spring repair.

    You need to know that a spring repair requires more than just one pair of hands to be effective and safe.

    So, it would be best to have a team of technicians who could do things properly inside the garage.

    You can call us at any time for your repair inquiries.

    Book a spring repair date with our team to handle the old springs in the mechanism

    Here at Panther Garage Pros, we offer our garage door repair in Fort Worth.

    Our repairs include essential parts of the garage door, like the door springs that support the door panels.

    We also offer our garage door installation in Fort Worth to set up new garage doors or individual parts.

    Give us a call!

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