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    We all live in modern times where automation and technology are available.

    Previous decades show a rise in devices that make life more convenient and easy.

    The goal is to make life more integrated and more efficient for each day.

    Who says you can’t do this at home?

    There are many innovations you can add to your residence or business that simplify things for you to handle.

    One example of this is the opener in your garage.

    The garage door opener automates the function of the garage for you.

    Days are gone where you need to get out of the car to open the garage.

    When you need to hurry up and drive away from your household to race to work, waiting for the garage to close may be time-consuming.

    Good news!

    Many door openers in the market come from different brands.

    All you need to do is choose an opener that falls within your budget.

    Consider the needs of your garage, so you’ll know which type suits your garage the most.

    The next thing you need to do is book a professional garage door opener installation.

    Luckily, many businesses offer garage door installation in Fort Worth for parts and complete models.

    Chain-drive opener

    The most basic type of opener is the chain-driven motor.

    Imagine the chain of a bike or a machine looping around to provide continuous motion to a moving object.

    In the same way, the chain-drive opener works like a chain loop around the trolley to move a moving arm connected to the top panel.

    Pros: Chain-drive openers are the most affordable of all types.

    Cons: Chain-driven carriage may create more noises and vibrations inside the garage.

    Belt-drive opener

    Another type of opener is the belt-drive opener.

    From the model and the mechanism, both types of openers are similar.

    The belt-drive opener works the same as the chain-drive, except a reinforced belt is in place instead of a looping chain.

    Pros: Belts provide more silent movements than chains.

    Cons: The belt-drive opener is more expensive than the chain-drive opener.

    Screw-drive opener

    A screw-drive opener is different from the previous types of openers.

    This type of opener is the simplest among all the kinds of openers.

    The mechanism involves a motor that rotates the threaded metal rod in place to pull open the door panels.

    Pros: Screw-drive openers require less maintenance because it has less moving parts.

    Cons: Screw-drive openers are more susceptible to temperature changes.

    Direct-drive opener

    A direct-drive opener has a similar mechanism as the belt-drive and chain-drive opener.

    The only difference is there is no belt or chain in the trolley.

    Instead, the motor itself directly pulls or pushes the door panels along the tracks.

    Pros: Direct-drive openers don’t require lubrication, unlike chains or belts.

    Cons: This type of opener is not widely available for purchase and installation.

    Jackshaft opener

    One of the most space-saving openers is the jackshaft opener.

    The only thing in the jackshaft mechanism is a high-power motor beside the torsion spring.

    Once you command the jackshaft opener, the motor drives the spring and cables to lift the door panels along the tracks.

    Pros: Jackshaft openers are the most suitable for garages with low ceiling space.

    Cons: This type of opener costs a lot.

    Set a date with Panther Garage Pros for the installation of your opener inside the garage

    We are Panther Garage Pros, and we offer our garage door opener installation.

    There are various reasons to upgrade your current openers.

    If you value a more quiet garage with efficient function in the garage, it’s best to invest in a new opener.

    You won’t run out of models to choose from in a wide range of openers in retail.

    We also offer our garage door repair in Fort Worth if there are any damages to your opener.

    Our repairs are durable and long-lasting, so you won’t need to worry about spending back and forth in a short time for follow-up repairs.

    We want you to have a safe opener that makes things inside the garage easier to operate.

    You deserve the convenience and simplicity of the garage door with one click of your remote control device.

    All you need to do is give us a call!

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